My Role

Currently at Magnet Systems, this is some of the work under Professional Services I created for our customers that utilizes features available within the Magnet platform. I completed all wireframes, mockups, prototypes, ensured design accuracy and quality with engineering.

Magnet Developer

Mobile app server development. This software allowed mobile app developers to work in conjunction with server developers on mobile app projects seamlessly. Mobile Developers could define mock services to interact with while server developers would connect those mock services to the backend so that development does not slow down.

Magnet Developer

Major Cosmetics Manufacturer

Contact me for a demo on this.


MITRE Innovation

This app allows anyone to browse, save, share scientific articles. Any user wanting to know more can make inquiries to the author. The navigation scheme allowed users to customize their experience by interest topic. MITRE Innovation

For the second version of this app, MITRE wanted to highlight the benefits and excitement of working for MITRE. We came up with the idea to enhance the app with a blog-like feed on the home page to give readers more insight into the company. We also added chat features that allows users to have 1 on 1 conversations with the article authors in the app.

Mockups of the updated home page MITRE Innovation

Wireframes outlining the added chat features MITRE Innovation

HTC Vive Financial

I co-produced this video that illustrated the uses of the HTC Vive VR gear for use in the financial industry using the Magnet Platform. Working with marketing, we came up with the story to tell. I created the visuals and communicated the story to our video editor. We did this in 3 days!

This is my illustration showing how the assets can be used to mimic a 3D effect using paralax scrolling.

HTC_vive HTC_vive HTC_vive

Anheuser-Busch Sales

Beverage sales are increased through initiatives and incentives finely tuned and changed on-the-fly and sent to sales reps in the field immediately

Anheuser-Busch Sales

City National Bank VIP

Through the use of the VIP app, VIP clients can be given the special treatment they expect.

City National Bank

UBank Bot

Through the use of an chatbot A.I., investment bankers can quickly get the information they need and initiate transactions through the the chatbot. UBank

Medtronic Acute Care

This app was designed to be used by first responders. The mobile device would use an attached EKG monitor, make recommendations, and give instructions based upon the information gathered from the patient.

Medtronic Acute Care

Sync HR Perform

This is a performance management tool that keeps track of goals, milestones, and keeps a journal on those goals.

Sync HR Perform